Subscription Analytics with Deep customer segmentation
$70 per month (billed annually). No MRR limits.
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Key features
Quick MRR report
MRR, customer and user/license movement report with deep customer segmentation.

  • new
  • old
  • reactivation
  • expansion
  • contraction
  • churn
  • net new MRR
  • SaaS Quick Ratio
  • Deep customers segmentation
Cohort report
Powerfull cohort report with deep customer segmentation
  • Rate & value
  • Relative to (First, Previous)
  • Deep customers segmentation
  • Revenue
  • Customers
  • Users/Licences

Simplest data import
Import data using XLS, CSV or directly from your CRM system via API.
Deep customers segmentation
Сreate customer segments using combinations of 15 predefined and 5 custom parameters, and use them in your reports
Unit economics
Automatic unit-economics report by cohorts with forecasting optimal CAC value.
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